« My research consists in bringing new proportions and shapes to the world of fashion; decorating shoes has never been my thing.»

Walter Steiger

Walter started his apprenticeship at 15 years old, with an old-school shoemaker, with whom he acquired the traditional bespoke techniques that have always characterised his creations.

His aesthetic sensibility has mainly been influenced by the “Swinging London” of the 1960’s which contributed to his constant desire for novelty and modernism, and lead him to search for the most effortlessly elegant designs. Elements of Parisian Haute Couture have also had a profound impact on the designer who makes a point of honour to create the most refined shoes with the excellence of his craft. 

Walter’s artistic philosophy consists in researching the most harmonious proportions in a shoe, in particular thanks to his Parisian bespoke workshop. Walter gravitates towards minimalism, cleanliness and lightness in the lines of his creations.

Walter’s intention is to bring new proportions and shapes to the world of fashion by making a mark on everyone’s mind thanks to his multiple innovations which have become classics. He also aims to infuse the best of an era into his creations so that they are transformed into timeless icons.